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Read on for awswers to common questions and general studio etiquette.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this hot yoga?

The temperature is set to "slightly warm room temperature."

Our goal is about 78-82 degrees in the summer and 70-75 degrees in the winter. Please keep in mind that our studio was built in 1840, so some fluctuations are to be expected.

Do I have to sign up in advance?

Advanced registration is REQUIRED for all Community Yoga classes and encouraged for all other classes. It allows your teacher to plan their class and organize the room. It also cuts down on a check-in line at the desk and allows you to purchase the plan that's right for you before coming to the studio... more on that here. Running a couple minutes late? If you are registered and the teacher is expecting you, they will leave the door unlocked for a few extra minutes.

Is this class suitable for me?

Most of our classes can accommodate a variety of experience levels and all of our teachers believe in "your body, your choice" when it comes to yoga asana. You can read more about the different styles of yoga we teach here.

What should I bring?

A yoga or exercise mat, a bottle of water, and your body. Loose fitting or sweat-wicking clothing that allow you to move your body parts is recommended, as is bare feet. We do have a limited number of mats available to borrow and water for sale (cash or Venmo payment only).  Blocks, blankets, straps and other props are available for everyone to use.

Where can I park?

Please do not park in any spaces with a RESERVED sign for another business. There is free parking behind the building under the JFX, as well as along the brick wall of Pariah Brewing Co and along the chainlink fence on Union Ave. Please be mindful of other cars coming and going and do not block entrances for other businesses.

How do I access my account on the new website?

If you have an active membership or package and cannot access it to register for classes online, please email us. After entering your logins in either the app or the website you will be able to see our upcoming class and workshop schedule, your membership or package status, and any classes that you have booked. There are easy buttons to cancel and links to do class over Zoom.

How do I take a class on Zoom?

When registering for your class, you will see a check box that says "I plan on attending class over Zoom." Please check that box so your teacher knows that you will be online. The Zoom link will be available in your booking information on the website and the app. New Zoom regulations require us to use the waiting room feature for every class. Please try to login a few minutes before class begins to ensure that you can view and participate in the class. If the teacher has already begun the class, there is a chance that they will not see latecomers in the waiting room. 

What does the waitlist mean?

If you register for a class and are placed on the waitlist it means that the class is currently at capacity. If someone cancels their enrollment in class, a student from the waitlist will get the opportunity to claim that spot. You will receive a notification to accept the spot and will have 5 minutes to respond before the next person on the list is contacted. Waitlist students are not charged for class.

Studio Etiquette

Be on time.

Studio doors open 15 minutes before class begins. Please allow yourself time to park, change your clothes, gather your props and get settled before the start of class. For the safety of our students and their belongings, doors are locked at the start of class. Late admittance is at the discretion of the teacher.

Participating remotely on Zoom: Links to access class are in your account on the website and the app. Please try to join a few minutes before the start of class to ensure that you do not get stuck in the waiting room.

Keep voices low.

Please keep conversations and volume to a minimum while in the studio. If you arrive before the previous class ends, please keep the hallway as quiet as possible. Allow as many students as possible to exit from the previous class before you enter. 

Remove your shoes.

Please do not wear your outside shoes onto the main studio floor. Cubbies are provided for storing your personal items. It is advised to travel light — leave uneccessary items at home. Yoga Union is not responsible for lost or damaged items. We do have a Lost & Found box by the entry that is regularly purged and donated,

Check-in at the front desk.

Advanced registration is encouraged. When you arrive, please visit the front desk and tell them your name. If you need to pay, we except cash and all credit cards.

Silence your devices.

Yoga is a time to disconnect from outside distractions. Silence your cell phones and leave them in your cubby. If you wear a smart watch, please silence or mute notifications.

Mind your personal hygiene.

While we want you to arrive for class clean and fresh, strong soaps, perfumes, and deodorants can be bothersome to other students. Because scents can be very personal, we do not use incense, candles, or essential oils without students permission.

Mind your personal space.

Some classes are more full than others. Please be mindful of where you set up your mat and props. There are pieces of white tape all along the floor. You can place the front, center of your mat on a piece of tape and roll it back from there. This will create a staggered placement of people so everyone has room to move their arms and legs, even in croweded classes. 

If you see someone looking for a place to put their mat and you have extra space to offer, please make room.

Help us keep the studio neat and clean.

If you borrowed a mat, please spray and wipe it and return it to the hanging rack. Please spray and wipe your blocks. Blankets can be folded and placed back on cart. Props for pilates can be placed back in their bins. 

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